How far do we have to go to find an interesting story to tell? Maybe it is in the city we live in, the neighbourhood we go to work, on the other side of the street or across the landing of our apartment: perhaps it is just right inside of ourselves.

For five days we explored our personal environment searching for physical, emotional and psychological proximity to our work. Through this process we learned to use the visual language to express the stories that are touching us, important to us and which we are related to.

The results of the laboratory have been exhibited at DOX, Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague from 20 October 2017 to 08 January 2018 as an appendix to the Over My Eyes exhibition. 


An immersive five days visual laboratory with Stefano Carini. 

Lenka Sedlackova, David Váňa, Lenka Grabicova,   
Alex Richter, Mahulena Kopecká, Tereza Matoušová.