The media universe has been radically transformed during last years. Technological innovations, along with an expanding online audience and an increasing demand for ever-ready pieces of information force visual media professional to broaden their skills and expertise and to include in their work a wider range of media.

In such a context, video - and especially short-form visual narratives - have started to play a pivotal role when it comes to tell a story to a wider audience. But how do we craft a compelling video narrative that can tell a full story in less than five minutes?

During the five days workshop, the participants were guided through all stages of production of a video-documentary: from the initial idea to writing the script, from shooting to editing, passing through all the audio and video technicalities that they needed to bring their stories to the screen.

The workshop was held at SEDICI in Prato, Italy, during the Punto.Con Festival in October 2017.

The video below, by Arpad Videk, is one of the short-documentaries produced during the workshop.


A five days intensive hands-on video workshop with Dario Bosio


Arpad Videk, Cecilia Lentini, Greta Citti, Mariafranca Ventrice, Pierpaolo Pagano, Federico Fontana, Elena Mannocci