“It is not easy to continue doing all of these things, playing football, attending to my family and also acting, but I cannot stop, I don’t want to: it is my dream, and I want to be different in a city like Kirkuk. The situation here is always heavy, difficult to live in: the bombings in the streets, the kidnappings, the violence, and everything worsened since the beginning of the war with ISIS.

On the other hand, when I play football, or when I act, I feel alive and that is the most important thing in a city where you only hear about death and war. War is going to stop some day, but life, that should never stop. We should always continue to follow our dreams, even if we might die by doing so. When I play football, or when I am on stage, I don’t feel as if I am living in a war zone: my friends and I don’t want to allow war to shake the colors off our lives, and for this reasons we continue training, day after day. We do it for us, but also for the other people, who might be able to relax and enjoy their time at our games.

Sport and art are stronger than war.”

Hewar was born in Erbil in 1992, after her family came back from Iran, where they had been living as refugees for seven months during the Anfal campaign. In 2003 with her family she moved to Kirkuk, where she lives now with four brothers and four sisters. She has been playing football for eight years. She graduated from the college of art in 2013 and she divides her passion between her family, football and theatre acting.