Man is born good. His nature is good, not violent. Man is born free but is corrupted by society and is robbed from his freedom. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

The Stranger is an invitation into the artist’s brain, and offers a personal interpretation of the feelings of alienation and solitude that permeate our society.

In this multimedia and interdisciplinary project the artist combines her dreams, memories and family history into a multitude of images that aims at analysing the character of the stranger who lives inside each of us.

“I was born in exile as my parents fled Iraq and its chaos. By the age of 11 I had lived in five different countries, none of which I considered my own, and I have spoken each different language in an attempt to adapt to societies that were not mine, and which I did not choose. For a while I felt emotionally detached from my environment. I felt like an outsider, a stranger.

As the process of laying my thoughts, memories and dreams down developed, I looked at myself, I looked at my children, I looked at others around me and I understood a very simple, yet liberating thing: nobody is identical for our identities are effects of differences. So in a way we’re all strangers.”

-Anwar Daoud