La Donna, la Luna, il Serpente è il racconto dei 18 mesi di vita trascorsi in Iraq di Stefano Carini. 

Il libro, che è pubblicato da DARST Projects e che è anche una mostra, è fatto di due volumi, un diario scritto e uno fotografico ed è pronto per essere stampato. Siccome è un prodotto complesso, i costi da sostenere per la stampa sono alti e quindi il vostro aiuto è fondamentale per portare a termine il progetto.

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I went to the north of Iraq in May 2014. I was going to a country at peace to work with the first independent Iraqi photo agency.

On the 10th of June, one month after my arrival, the city of Mosul fell into the hands of ISIS (Islamic State In Iraq and Syria), which in three days conquered hundreds of km of territories, displacing half a million people and causing one of the worst humanitarian crises since Second World War.

Furthermore, on the 12th of June, the founder and director of the photo agency was abducted by the insurgents. He has been missing ever since.

I decided to stay to work with the photographers in these extraordinary circumstances. For me there was no other solution if not doing what I knew I could do, and partly had to do. In the end, isn’t that our duty? To do what we can do when it is needed?

The seventeen months I spent in Iraq were filled with incredible events, tragedies, pain, war, successes, love, exhaustion and madness. Never before had life seemed so powerful and unpredictable. Never before had I been so close to history and its unfolding.

In these images is my personal encounter with a humanity trapped in between violence and oppression, in a land permanently entangled with war where we all clung to the simple desire for peace, love and normality.

Stefano Carini